Emotional Healing

With Voice Mapping

Voice Mapping with Matt Kramer

Using the EVOX from Zyto


I can't believe how much junk does not bother me! This last session sort of knocked something loose. I'm doing so well, it is ridiculous! Parents, coworkers, mean people, stressful situations have absolutely NO effect on me. Another thing; I used to run from stressful situations and avoid possible conflict at all costs. I would literally start to have a panic attack. Gone! How cool is that! I keep thinking "I'm not freaking out about this or that.
Rebekah Lee -- Dallas, TX

Voice Mapping

My voice HAS improved in my singing. My boyfriend/bandmate has also noticed quite a change. He said that it's like I'm a lot less inhibited and more open to what happens when I sing and my range is also changing a bit? So this IS helping me!
Tammy Markham -- Austin, TX

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping

Thank you for the session today. I feel a sense of completion with my dad and mom like no other clearing I've had before. Your presence and focus during the session helped me along as I processed this important part of my history. I look forward to my next voice-mapping appointment with you.
Blessings, Corrina Rose Rivera, CHT, Santa Rosa, CA

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping

Before my first voice-mapping session with you, my only knowledge of it was hearsay from Robin Goodrow, who assured me of how powerful an experience it was for her. Several subtle changes occurred within me during my first session, the power and impact of which became increasingly clear as time went on. But the shift in my feelings and perceptions of myself, and my parental relationships, were clarified by the powerfully emotional dreams I had just hours after that session. The work and its impact deepened with the second session, and I've been noticing positive differences in my moods, energy, and attitude ever since.
I am both impressed, and grateful to be a beneficiary of your groundbreaking work.
Sincerely, Rita Abrams

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping

In the session, I saw how my mother's life was impacted by her father and grandmother. For the first time, I understood the generational influences that contributed to the anger, frustration and disappointment that became a constant element in her personality. Now I really 'get it' that her life is completely separate from mine. This frees me from years of effort I had made to gain positive acceptance from her; I realize who I am has nothing to do with overt and subtle messages from her that have contributed to my feeling of never being good enough. Speaking to my mother after the VSA session, I understand the nature of her innuendo that usually starts a cycle of defensive behavior and arguing between us. I no longer react blindly and angrily. The incendiary moments pass...and for the first time in years, my mother and I are having relevant and meaningful conversations.
Pat -- Mill Valley

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping

before emotional release

I have always dreamed of a tool that would work like a knife slicing through butter to help me get free of what holds me back. The voice mapping technique was for me a process of neutralizing past painful emotions without being re-traumatized by the process and liberating myself in the present. It went way beyond talk therapy and actually deals with the nervous system and the subconscious in ways that are light years ahead of its time. While in the chair I literally changed my history, or at least my perception of it. I found it a wonderful cutting edge modality for jump starting my personal evolution!
Scott Kalechstein -- Inspirational Speaker and Modern Day Troubadour

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping

I am so amazed and very pleased with the energetic shifts in my thinking, and noticeable changes in my behavior, which are the result of voice mapping sessions with Matt.

What first brought me to voice mapping was a lingering physical injury/trauma and an overall sense of apathy. I weighed 215 pounds (size 18), was emotionally overwhelmed, depressed, angry and suffered from obsessive negative thinking. I wanted to get on with my life... but felt stuck.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, voice mapping effortlessly worked its magic on releasing old blockages and un-resourceful thoughts and beliefs that kept me stuck and weighed down. I am now free to make choices. I have full power behind my intention to stay focused on what I want. I have been able to commit to and follow through on a plan of eating and have made lifestyle changes that brought amazing results. A welcomed and unexpected bonus of my commitment to doing everything I possibly can to heal my body, and be well is that I've shed over 50 pounds and now wear size 10. I feel peaceful, content and happy with my life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…
E.B. -- Windsor, CA

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping

I am sincerely grateful for doing Voice Mapping sessions with Matt. I was able to finally release old family patterns of depression once and for all with just one session. Now if I get upset, it goes away easily and the depression doesn't take hold of me anymore. Also when doing sessions on grandparents, I couldn't understand that I had issues with my grandfather but did the Voice Mapping anyway. About 9 months later, I found out that he molested my aunt and I subconsciously picked up energy around him because I was molested as a baby. It now makes sense. During each session, I have really made important shifts. I feel Voice Mapping is really powerful. Matt is there holding a very supportive and safe space for his clients.
M. M. -- Santa Rosa, CA

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping

When I first heard about voice mapping, I thought, "Hokus pokus. New age hype." Suffering from PTSD, I lived in constant fear and was trained not to trust my intuition. I was desperate to find some way to face my abuser and wade through the legal system's muck which includes a lot of posturing at the victim's expense. I had become acquainted with Matt and had very gradually grown to trust his kind intention and knowledge base. I began voice mapping with him; the results were startling. My recurring nightmares decreased. I became increasingly able to identify triggers and detach from the resulting tsunami of emotional reactions.

I was under such stress that the simple rise and fall of my chest was imperceptible. After working with Matt on breathing, my closest friends asked if my asthma had gotten better/gone away, commenting, "Your chest is actually rising and falling" and "You're breathing deeply".

After each session, I found I was increasingly able to RESPOND rather than REACT under stress. Instead going into a state of overwhelm and succumbing to complete fear and shutdown, I became able to stand strong, maintain focus, and gather, compile and organize needed documentation needed for the upcoming court appearance – this time I was able to respond confidently to reject the attorney's manipulations and ultimately won my case.
K.V. -- Sebastopol, CA

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping

after emotional release

I had a short demonstration session and felt much lighter afterward. A few days later I decided to try a full session. I had been caring for a parent with dementia and was struggling with grief and sadness. Following the second session my emotional outlook improved, I didn't feel as helpless even thought the situation hadn't changed. Since then I additionally noticed a shift in how I feel around my brother. In the past I felt intimidated in his house. During my Thanksgiving visit I no longer felt uncomfortable.
There wasn't anything additional I had to do or process I was just different after the session. It was a quick shift out of feelings that I had been stuck in, some for a few months; others had been in place for many years.
DB -- Texas

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping

The work we're doing together has been positively stimulating, it's given me courage to go deeper and I'm feeling more empowered, more liberated, more joyful and integrated.

I've felt the shifting in my physical body as well, there's been quite a bit of discomfort, and realize it's my reaction of fear to connect emotionally. I've gotten good support w/ this via chiropractic and acupuncture and reiki. I know it all sounds pretty indulgent, but I feel that right now is ripe with potential and my heart has opened and I cannot hold my breath any longer in these limiting pain patterns. One of the major realizations thus far w/ the voice mapping and biofeedback is becoming aware of the emotional disconnection strategy / pattern. HUGE!

So, essentially, thank you, thank you, thank you for who you are and what you do. Your attitude and approach puts me at ease to do this work that's important to my quality of life and full self expression. It's clear that you care - that coupled with the wisdom you bring to the healing work creates sacred space for folks to heal and I'm grateful.
Monica -- Plano, Texas

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping

I am reviewing how I feel after my recent session. I feel really great. I now feel like this is the time of my life when I can accept and define myself.

I realized that I had felt speechless throughout much of my life. That's something I've taken years to overcome. I actually had felt frustrated and speechless around the contractor who stole so much time and money from me. My intuition told me something didn't jive -- I just didn't know what. Maybe that long time ago sense of betrayal.

In that regard, something came up that happened when I was ten years old. I was class secretary for my 5th grade classroom. There had been a rowdy audience at a school assembly and the principal announced that all class secretaries had to submit letters of apology for their classes in order to attend subsequent assemblies. My teacher told me not to write a letter because her class had been well behaved, and she would speak to the principal about it.

On the day of the next assembly, the principal announced which classes could attend. My class was not named. The kids in class accused me of not following through. By now I was sobbing with my head down on my desk; the teacher told the kids to stop, but she did not tell them that she had directed me to not write the letter. At that time in my life, I had no notions or skills for challenging "authority" figures. To this day, I don't know exactly what I felt -- perhaps a mix of shame, betrayal, bewilderment, failure, sadness -- but it was strong enough for me to choose never to run for an elected office again, at least until I was an adult with skills in assertiveness.

I have concluded that, because she was an older teacher, she may have forgotten. Considering her ego -- not willing to accept that her class could have misbehaved -- it's also possible that she was unwilling to admit her part in the letter matter. Either way, I now feel as though she is forgiven. My burden is lighter.

Many thanks and many blessings,
SD -- Palo Alto, CA

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping

In the chair, I felt like I was kicked out of my left brain, and then I was kicked out of my right brain and I went places I never went before. I accessed childhood memories that I thought were gone. With the memories came insights; I understood how I had taken in my father's pattern of anger and repeated it in my life. I saw my life's interweavings with my parents in a deeper, more dimensional way than I ever had before. I was able to tap into an inner wisdom that helped me to release anger and other painful emotions from unresolved childhood issues. After the session I felt a sense of freedom, lightness and enlightenment that, in relation to my father, I had never felt before. Having released my pain and anger about him, I was able to discern the gifts I have received from him.
Rusty -- Forestville

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping

I've been using meditation, power manifestation and emotional freedom techniques (EFT) for the last six months to work through the grieving process of divorce and family crisis. While these methods have been effective, the voice mapping process completed my work providing more focus and direction to resolve and heal the core emotional issues I've had since childhood. Some of these have negatively influenced my relationship with myself and others. In one session, I gained clarity about feelings generated by my father, and worked through the majority of them, including ones that were deeply buried. Matt is a very caring, encouraging and knowledgeable guide who makes both the technical and emotional process as smooth as possible.
Michelle -- Cloverdale

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping

I am dedicated to self-growth. I am discovering that as I grow, I show up as a much more loving addition to the world around me. This technique is done in an extremely safe environment. You will be instructed on exactly what to do. You will get results... in some cases, immediately.
Aaron -- Santa Rosa

Perception reframing with Voice Mapping