Emotional Healing

With Voice Mapping

Voice Mapping with Matt Kramer

Dr Rashid Buttar calls ZYTO EVOX a game changer:

Discussion on EVOX starts at the 2 minute mark.

Using the EVOX from Zyto

Remote Sessions:

No matter where you live, you can have a remote EVOX/voice mapping session via the Internet. The remote sessions have the same results as if we were sitting in the room together. Here are the requirements for you to receive a voice mapping session via the internet:

You need to use a PC with broadband internet access.
I'll comment on Mac computers below.

You will need the Zyto hand cradle, the same device that you use when you are sitting in session with me.
Pricing and options will be detailed below.

You will need a headset microphone such as the Audio 355 made by Plantronics. The techs at Zyto report that a good quality combination headphone/microphone made for computer gaming will generally work well. I recommend getting a headset that enables you to place the microphone close to your mouth.
I'll mention some options below.

You will need to use Internet Explorer (IE) as your browser. This is because Microsoft Silverlight is a required component for the remote process; I don't know why; I am not that tech savvy. Silverlight is designed to work with IE.

You will not need the light goggles - I'll add comments below.

And that is it: computer, internet, hand cradle and microphone. Whether you are in Alaska or China, we can have a session generated from my home in Belém, Brazil.
All the best,


The hand cradle sells for $250, that includes shipping. There is a lot of technology packed into those cradles. You can also use the hand cradle to receive digital health scans. I will write about the health scan options in a future newsletter.

Options regarding purchasing a hand cradle:

If you purchase a hand cradle, you can share it with family and friends. One idea suggested by the Zyto folks is that for every new client you refer, I will take $50 off of your next session. Consider that after five referrals, the cradle will have paid for itself.

Another option, when you feel that you have completed your sessions, if the hand cradle is in good shape and functioning properly, I will re-purchase it from you for $150.

Your particular computer may need some adjustments for ideal performance using the microphone. The tech department at Zyto is available to help you troubleshoot and prepare your computer for remote sessions: (801) 224-7199 or (866) 369-2265

Idea for headsets:

You may remember that I use Bose headphones ($300 new) and a Sennheiser performer's microphone (purchased on eBay for about $160). You don't need to buy that range of equipment. Sennheiser makes a gaming headset/mic combo (the PC-31) for $35; I found it on eBay for $20 - Sennheiser has a reputation for making good microphones; the PC-31 will probably do as good a job if not better than the Plantronics Audio 355 (sells new for about $70).

During the three minutes of biofeedback, music is used to screen out ambient noise around you. The EVOX program generally provides the music for you. In the event you would like to provide your own music, whatever portable music player you may have (iPod, mp3 player, old Sony Walkman) will be fine. Select soft music that has no voices - the music has to be purely instrumental.

If you have iTunes on your computer, I believe you can listen to iTunes in the gaming headset while you are receiving the biofeedback via the hand cradle. If anyone has more specific information, please let me know.

If you have a Macintosh, you can try running the Mac in a Windows mode with Parallel Workstation. While I have run EVOX and the Zyto health scans on my Mac in Windows mode, I do not know if a Mac will work remotely on your end. If you are very tech savvy, I'm open to giving it a try but I cannot guarantee it will work.

The Zyto folks have been thinking about phasing out the light frame goggles for a while. While some folks enjoy wearing the goggles, others are distracted by them and do not wear them for sessions. The path of least resistance has been to drop them from the system. If you like wearing the goggles during a session, contact me and I'll tell you how to get your own set.

There are several options for communicating during a remote session. If by chance you have, or can borrow a second computer, Skype generally provides a good sounding connection and, if the computer has a built in camera, a good video connection as well. We can also use our phones. If neither option is feasible, there is a chat box included in the remote screen and we can "chat" with each other during the session.

You can also use the hand cradle for health scans with practitioners who use Zyto's Elite system.
If you want to gain some insight into how the Zyto technology works, click HERE.

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Voice Mapping Payments

First Session:
(90 to 120 minutes)
Follow up Sessions:
(45 minutes)
Package of four sessions
EVOX voice mapping perception reframing
EVOX voice mapping perception reframing
voice mapping perception reframing